man unhappy with present

The Top 10 Gifts Men DON’T Want For Christmas

Are you having trouble finding a gift for him? I think that, in general, men are pretty easy to shop for. Aim for something practical and you’re probably on the right track. But just like women constantly receiving bath oils, candles, and perfume, men often receive gifts that, while well-intentioned, don’t quite hit what the […]

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Map and camera

Top 7 Things To Do in Eastern Idaho

Whether you are an ancestor of western pioneers or you’ve only recently settled into the area, you might not be aware of just how much there is to do in Eastern Idaho. The areas around Idaho Falls and Pocatello are especially rich in natural attractions. Here are seven of my top recommendations for those looking […]

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Woman excited about her cool vacuum

How to Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner

When customers come into our stores in Eastern Idaho, I do my best to educate them. Well-informed customers can look through marketing hype to understand what really matters in the making of incredible vacuums. As this is a subject that most of us didn’t learn about in school, it’s easy to make decisions during your […]

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Vacuum sucking up confetti

The Honest Truth About the HEPA Filter Hype

Marketers can make some pretty bold claims in an effort to sell more vacuums. “Our vacuum stops the flu”, “Our vacuum can suck up a bowling ball”, or even “Oh yeah? Our vacuum can suck up a Volkswagen!” The biggest hype in the vacuum market lately has been the obsession over HEPA filtration. Consumers recognize […]

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Boise River

Summer is here! Enjoy these Local Gems

When we’re not busy in our sewing machine store, we like to enjoy Southern Idaho as much as possible. Now that we’re on the cusp of summer, we’re getting excited about everything Pocatello, Boise, and Idaho Falls have to offer. We’re blessed to live in Idaho because the outdoors are right at our doorstep. Boise, […]

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