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Threading needle on sewing machine

Common Sewing Machine Ailments 101

I hope that you’re just here out of curiosity and not because your sewing machine is giving you problems. I’ve worked with sewing machines of all types, ages, and brands, and I understand that they can be a complicated piece of machinery. With so many moving parts, sometimes things go wrong. Whether it’s uneven stitches […]

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Sewing machine maintenance

Sew, What’s the Point?

Everything important in your life requires regular maintenance. Your car, your house, your relationships– even your pets and your kids. When your cat gets sick, you take her to the vet. When your kid is sad because of something that happened at school, you talk it out with her and see those feelings through. Cars […]

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Santa Claus is sewing on a sewing machine

Winter is Coming – Tune-Up and Tune-In

When you run a sewing store, you see all sorts of things around the holiday season. Usually, you see happy seamstresses and quilters drop in to pick up materials for their amazing winter projects. Sometimes, though, you see the harsh realities of winter. You’ve never seen panic until you’ve seen the panicked look on someone’s […]

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