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Sewing shears and fabric

13 Sewing Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Sewing, whether by hand or by machine, is a craft that requires skill and patience. In our homes, space and organization is at a premium. With piles of fabric, accessories, patterns, and thread everywhere, I’m a big fan of strategies that help you stay organized and make you more efficient. Over time, the experts at […]

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Threading needle on sewing machine

Common Sewing Machine Ailments 101

I hope that you’re just here out of curiosity and not because your sewing machine is giving you problems. I’ve worked with sewing machines of all types, ages, and brands, and I understand that they can be a complicated piece of machinery. With so many moving parts, sometimes things go wrong. Whether it’s uneven stitches […]

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Sewing machine maintenance

Sew, What’s the Point?

Everything important in your life requires regular maintenance. Your car, your house, your relationships– even your pets and your kids. When your cat gets sick, you take her to the vet. When your kid is sad because of something that happened at school, you talk it out with her and see those feelings through. Cars […]

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Well, not quite, but soon! Can you believe Christmas is only ___ days away? Neither can we. Which means, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already started on your projects. Ok, we’re totally kidding… we haven’t started on ours either– but it sounded good, right? Maybe you’re putting off those Christmas projects because your […]

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Antique Sewing Machine

This Month in Sewing History

You know we’re passionate about sewing, Boise. Being passionate about sewing also means we’re total sewing history nerds, too. Did you know we have a whole page devoted to the history of sewing? It’s true! You can check it out here. The history of sewing is interesting, because you can’t just give one answer when […]

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