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Woman excited about her cool vacuum

How to Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner

When customers come into our stores in Eastern Idaho, I do my best to educate them. Well-informed customers can look through marketing hype to understand what really matters in the making of incredible vacuums. As this is a subject that most of us didn’t learn about in school, it’s easy to make decisions during your […]

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Vacuum sucking up confetti

The Honest Truth About the HEPA Filter Hype

Marketers can make some pretty bold claims in an effort to sell more vacuums. “Our vacuum stops the flu”, “Our vacuum can suck up a bowling ball”, or even “Oh yeah? Our vacuum can suck up a Volkswagen!” The biggest hype in the vacuum market lately has been the obsession over HEPA filtration. Consumers recognize […]

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Cleaning carpet with sponge

6 Carpet Care Myths DISPELLED!

We run a vacuum store and repair center, so we like to think we know a thing or two about carpet care. We spend a lot of time talking to our customers about how to properly clean and maintain the carpet in their homes, so we figured it was time to write another blog post […]

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9 Alternative Uses for Your Vacuum

Is your vacuum collecting dust in some out of the way closet? Probably not, but does your vacuum live in a closet and only sees the light of day twice a month, for a very short time when you tell your kids to do their chores? Out of sight, out of mind, right? This is […]

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Vacuum Issues

7 Reasons Why Your Current Vacuum Sucks

Remember the vacuum your mother had for forever? That thing was heavy, loud, and she had it for years… there was no need to replace it, because it just kept working. She may have wanted a new one… but she didn’t need one! We talk to customers everyday who complain about the state of their […]

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Made in the USA

Show Your Patriotism With an American Made Vacuum

We meet so many people who confess to secretly loving their vacuums. We don’t judge, because when you find a vacuum you love, life just gets better. Memorial Day got us thinking… buying products that are made in the U.S. is a great thing! Let’s spend some time highlighting a couple vacuums that are made […]

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miele vacuums

Miele: Best Vacuum on the Market

Smart Review, one of the top rated sites for consumer products, recently came out with the best vacuums of 2014-2015. The best-bagged vacuum brand for upright vacuum cleaners last year? Miele, over and over again! Research Smart Review isn’t the only consumer report that beams about the brilliance of Miele. The Sweet Home also did […]

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