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Sewing, whether by hand or by machine, is a craft that requires skill and patience. In our homes, space and organization is at a premium. With piles of fabric, accessories, patterns, and thread everywhere, I’m a big fan of strategies that help you stay organized and make you more efficient.

Over time, the experts at Idaho’s top sewing machine stores have picked up a few tricks here and there that do just that, and I’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

13 Sewing Hacks to Revolutionize Your Game

  1. I keep a strong magnet about the size of a nickel at hand. It’s great for temporarily holding pins and needles, and can be placed on any metallic surface while you work. When the inevitable spill of a box of pins occurs, your magnet is there to make the cleanup a snap.

  2. If you’re sticking with one thread type for a while, ditch the smile spool of thread on the machine for a large spool. Use a mug to hold the large cone or spool in place.

  3. Having trouble threading the needle? Coat the end of the thread in hair spray. It will stiffen the line up and prevent it from fraying.

  4. Binder clips are an excellent alternative to pins if you need to hold work in place.

  5. Keep your pedal from slipping by wrapping a rubber band around it. It’s a quick fix if you don’t have a proper pad on hand and don’t want to make alterations to anything.

  6. Use pinking shears to cut fabric. They will minimize fraying.

  7. Adhere a fabric measuring tape to the front edge of your cutting table. This can save you loads of time over the long run.

  8. Apply clear nail polish to button tops and it will hold threads in place.

  9. Tuck your tails in and slip them back into the seam before trimming.

  10. When tracing out a pattern, you can easily leave a uniform allowance on the edge by rubber-banding two pencils together. No extra time or measurement required!

  11. Add non-slip discs to your ruler to prevent it from shifting when you’re using your rotary cutter.

  12. Use bobby pins to hold pleats in place while ironing.

  13. Mini-clothespins are great for holding work together when sewing bindings and piping.

Nothing Beats Experience

Sewing shears and fabric

I hope some of our 13 Sewing Hacks made you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” When you’ve worked with sewing machines as long as we have, you’re bound to learn a few tricks.

Did you know that Jones Sew & Vac hosts classes to teach you all the tricks we know about sewing and embroidery? Learn how to use advanced features of your machine, try new projects, and have fun at one of the many classes and events that Jones Sew and Vac has to offer.

Do you have sewing tricks or hacks that we might have missed? Comment or email your hacks to us and we’ll share them with our followers!

For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team