Spring cleaning is kind of a big deal. Get your label makers ready people!

We are going to help you clean your entire home from top to bottom. And by help, we mean write a list of the things you should do to get your house in order.

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Below is 25 of our favorite house cleaning tips!

Clean from Top to Bottom

  1. Dust ceiling fans, picture frames, and shelving. Work from the top down and do this before cleaning your floors. For the ceiling fan, all you need is an old pillow case. First, turn off the ceiling fan. Then, wrap the pillowcase around one blade of the fan and wipe it off. This catches all the dust and grime inside the pillowcase. Repeat for each blade of the fan. Toss that pillowcase in the laundry and breathe easier knowing that your fans are totally clean.House Cleaning Tips for Ceiling FansImage Credit
  2. Clean tile/grout backsplash in both the kitchen and bath. For best results, use an old toothbrush and a bleach pen. But, remember to protect your hands and your clothes when working with bleach. It would be a shame to drip bleach on that new cute Spring top of yours!
  3. Make your windows sparkle with a good glass cleaner and a squeegee. Then, wipe down your windows with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid streaks and lint.
  4. Wash curtains and/or dust blinds. What good are clean windows if the window dressings are dingy? Make sure you follow the fabric washing instructions. You don’t want to accidentally shrink your beautiful curtains!
  5. Wipe down walls, moldings, and window sills to get rid of those little kid handprints everywhere. Get rid of the husband fingerprints too! If a grease fighting spray isn’t getting the job done, try one of those magic eraser sponges. They really are magic!
  6. Disinfect all door knobs, cabinets and drawer pulls; there is no need to spread disease. Jones Sew & Vac Door Knob
  7. Store winter clothes and blankets efficiently with vacuum seal bags. Be sure to store your winter gear in a dry place and label them clearly, because winter will come again soon, whether we like it or not.Get Your House Clean With Vacuum Sealed Storage BagsImage Credit
  8. Organize clothes closets – toss or donate what you haven’t worn in the past year. Whether you organize your closet by type: all pants together, all tops together, all dresses together, or maybe you color code your wardrobe… It’s possible you like to fold as many things as possible or hang as much as you can. It really depends on the size of your closets and your style. But, you can get ready for warmer weather by putting those clothes within easier reach.
  9. Media storage and organization: dvd’s, cd’s, game consoles, cables, remotes. Is your family room being taken over by wires and electronics? We feel your pain! Set aside about an hour to gather all those things and put them where they actually belong. Jones Sew & Vac Media OrganizationImage Credit
  10. Toy chest organization. We’ve learned this one the hard way. It’s best to do this while the kids are not home! Pick up all those toys that have been laying around the house, and make three piles: keep, toss, donate. You should toss broken toys, donate the ones that they have outgrown, and organize the rest.
  11. Sewing room organization. This might be our favorite chore! We’ve even blogged about it before! Your sewing room doesn’t have to look like an episode of Hoarders. You can eliminate clutter by getting rid of tiny scraps of paper and fabric. Organize your supplies and patterns. Label your pretty little tote boxes and when you are done, stand in the middle of your sewing room and decide on your next sewing project, which will allow you to make a brand new mess. Are we having fun yet?Jones Sew & Vac Sewing Room InspirationImage Credit
  12. Garage organization. If you are one of those people who can actually park in their garage, you might be able to skip this one. Lucky you! If not, stay with me! You can handle this one like you did the toy chest… except, if I were you, I’d employ as many helping hands as possible. Again, divide everything into three piles: toss, donate, keep. Then, put like things together. Put all your Christmas decor in one area, all your sports equipment in another… You get the idea. Just remember to put stuff you use all the time in the easiest place to reach.
  13. Kitchen pantry organization – toss out of date food, wipe down shelves, keep your baking things together, and your cereals together. Make it easy to reach for things. Ease of use is the key here. Jones Sew & Vac PantryImage Credit
  14. Scrub your oven – this is never fun, but when it’s over you’ll be so glad you did it, even if you are the only person in the entire world who notices. We promise to notice if you ever invite us over!
  15. Corral papers/clutter/mail/bills in one central command center. There are so many awesome ideas on Pinterest. It’s best to keep it simple. Designate a corner or a small desk to be the one and only place where those sorts of things land. And then, decide how you will make that information actually usable. Binders? Bulletin boards? What works best for you and your family? The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!Jones Sew & Vac Fridge Command CenterImage Credit
  16. Groom pets to keep the animal hair down to a dull roar. And just think, doing so will give your vacuum a day off, and Mom, too!
  17. Wash or replace shower curtain liners. This seems like a no brainer, but it is often overlooked until you are actually standing in the shower trying to remember if you should rinse or repeat because you are not totally awake yet. By the time you get home from work, that pesky shower curtain liner is all but forgotten!Jones Sew & Vac Shower CurtainImage Credit
  18. Replace all air filters. It’s a good idea to check the size of the air filter that you need before heading to Home Depot. Trust us. Take a moment to open up your intake and outtake vents, remove the filthy filters and snap a picture of the spot where the size is marked. Then, you can toss those filters in the trash as you head out to replace them. See bonus tip in picture below!Jones Sew & Vac Air FilterImage Credit
  19. Clean or replace welcome mats to refresh your look, trap allergens, and keep floors cleaner longer.
  20. Vacuum rugs and carpets and everything else that you can. Do you have a vacuum with attachments? Go ahead and get between the couch cushions while you are at it. Maybe you’ll even find that TV remote! Have you been dreaming of a new vacuum? You have come to the right place! And, dreaming about a new vacuum is totally normal! We do it a lot.Jones Sew & Vac Vacuum Heaven
  21. Shampoo carpets. Get rid of any pet stains, or any general unidentified stains, and it will feel like you recarpeted your room without spending a dime.
  22. Scrub baseboards with a Magic Eraser to get rid of scuff marks. Usually, if you can remove the offending scuff marks, it makes a huge difference. People might even ask if you painted recently. Honestly is the best policy. But we won’t give away your little secret!Jones Sew & Vac BaseboardsImage Credit
  23. Buff and polish wood floors. This is a big job, but if you are not lucky enough to have the expensive new floors that are not so high maintenance, it just needs to be done. Sure, buffing and polishing your wood floors is a dirty job that will require moving furniture, elbow grease, and time for the floors to properly dry. Waiting for floors to dry is the worst, but it’s totally worth it.
  24. Spruce up entryway. Use spring cleaning as an excuse to rearrange your wall hangings, change out the seasonal decor, and give your entrance a brand new look. Jones Sew & Vac Entry WayImage Credit
  25. Fresh flowers go a long way in making a home look ready for a new season. Splurge on this one! You deserve it for a job well done!

Suck It Up, Buttercup!

If this list is even a little bit intimidating, you are not alone! But you can do hard things. We believe in you.

If you are intentionally avoiding certain items on this list of house cleaning tips because, let’s say for example, your vacuum doesn’t suck like it should, we can definitely help you fix that problem. In fact, if you fill out the form below, we will send you information on all the latest vacuums.

We understand that you might use this information as a way to put off actually tackling your long list of chores. But, you can also use it to get the vacuum of your dreams, so why wait?!