Did the holidays leave your house or sewing/craft room in shambles?  Well, we have all the helpful ideas you’re looking for!

With this guide, you will have that room whipped right back into shape, and no one will ever know it looked like a tornado had ripped through it!

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place!

The great people over at All People Quilt have put together a fabulous guide on how to organize your sewing room in a snap!

Check out these helpful tips, below!

Jones Sew & Vac Pull-Out StorageImage Source

Pull-Out Storage – This couldn’t be a more simple, but useful, tip. A handy pull-out shelf or compartment makes storing your sewing machine a breeze. The removable hooks on the back of the cabinet door are another great way to maximize the space inside!

 Jones Sew & Vac Easy Access Storage Image Source

Easy-Access Storage – Having everything you need at your fingertips makes a huge difference! Sifting through those desk drawers and cluttered closets for your favorite pair of scissors can be frustrating! To maximize space, use a pegboard to hang up your tools, supplies, thread, and so on.

Jones Sew & Vac Closet Storage   Image Source

Keeping It All in the Closet – If you are short on space but plentiful in supplies, a closet set up for ample storage may be a great option! Assemble-yourself cupboards and shelves are available at any home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Pegboards are a great use of minimal space and can be used for hanging thread, scissors, and more!

 Jones Sew & Vac Spice Rack Storage  Image Source

Organizing Your Sewing Supplies – Buttons, embellishments, beads and other sewing essentials can be kept  together nicely inside visible storage containers, like these small glass jars, lined up together on a spice rack!

Ideas around Every Corner!

Getting organized, this January will be a great jump-start to your new year! Think of all the projects you can dream up in your newly clean and organized sewing room! The possibilities are endless!


For the love of embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team