Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. Below are affordable and thoughtful handmade projects to get inspired for the upcoming holiday!

Jones Sew and Vac valentine’s day heart quilt

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Sewing Projects

All People Quilt offers Valentine’s Day sewing projects that we love, including table runners, quilts, pillows, and wall hangers. Check out their website for more heartfelt (get it?!) ideas!

Wooden Spool Heart

Short on time? Try making this empty wooden spool heart! This is a great way to recycle your thread spools, while creating something beautiful for a loved one that shows you care.

A little cardboard, hot glue, and recycled wooden spools is all it takes! Customize your gift with color and care.

Jones Sew and Vac wooden spool Valentine’s Day heart

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Crayon Hearts

While we love celebrating romantic love, Valentine’s Day can be used to celebrate much more than that!

Work on this Crayon Heart project with your children (young and old!) to surprise someone special. A neighbor, a friend, or a grandparent would love this window decor. It’s quick and easy (yipee!), and the thought will leave that special someone feeling appreciated.

Jones Sew and Vac crayon heart valentines day project

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Homemade Card

If you plan to keep the holiday simple, a homemade card might just do the trick! This card, courtesy of All People Quilt, is full of humor and thought.

Use scrap paper from around the house, a few red hots, and some magazine clippings to complete the look. (Along with kind words inside, created by you!) It’s affordable, uplifting, and kind.

Jones Sew and Vac valentine’s day card

Photo credit: All People Quilt

We’re inspired by these incredible Valentine’s Day projects, and hope you find inspiration in them too! Take the time to show your loved ones you care. A thoughtful homemade project is the perfect way to do so.

For the love of Embroidery!

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