Vacuum IssuesRemember the vacuum your mother had for forever? That thing was heavy, loud, and she had it for years… there was no need to replace it, because it just kept working. She may have wanted a new one… but she didn’t need one!

We talk to customers everyday who complain about the state of their current vacuum cleaner. They suck. And not in a good way!

There is a huge difference in the performance of a cheap vacuum from a big-box chain store, and the pricier versions at an actual vacuum store.

You Get What You Pay For

We’ve listed seven very common complaints from cheap vacuum owners. If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to reassess your vacuum situation.

  1. They only last a year or two before breaking – a vacuum should not need to be replaced every 12 months.
  2. They get clogged easily – the “normal” amount of dust bunnies easily conquer your wimpy machine.
  3. They overheat easily – after one room, your vacuum is heating up and not in a good way.
  4. They only clean the top layer of the carpet – you need to rent a steam cleaner to get any sort of deep cleaning done.
  5. Hose attachments don’t work properly – you lose suction as soon as you reach for the nozzle tool and they don’t fit the onboard compartments without a degree in engineering.
  6. Cleaning out the vacuum bag or canister is dirty work – the bags are hard to replace and the dirt gets all over your nice, clean floor.
  7. Hair and string get tangled in the brushes – gross!

A cheap vacuum will always perform, well, cheaply. It’s just not worth it. Investing in a well-made vacuum will save you from purchasing another vacuum next year! If you think about it, you’re actually saving money!

Our Vacuums Suck the Best!

Visit our website or better yet, stop into one of our three stores and test the suckiness of our vacuums in person! 🙂

We may not be able to explain how long that peanut butter sandwich has been living in the planter near the back door or what that red sticky stuff is that your kids have been tracking into the house all week, but, we can answer any of your vacuum related questions, and help you find the vacuum that fits your needs perfectly!

For the love of vacuums!

Jones Sew & Vac Team