When Halloween time comes around, there’s usually just one question on everyone’s mind: “How can I dress my dog up as a venomous spider?”

We’re right there with you, so we found an answer for that all-important question.

The Boise sewing scene is full of creative and talented people, as is the Eastern Idaho sewing scene, and there’s no better time to show off your sewing chops than Halloween. Even if, for some reason, you don’t want to dress your pug up as a black widow, you can still use your sewing chops and DIY might to create a fun and memorable Halloween.

Of course, we have some ideas– and some of them don’t even involve dogs in spider costumes.

Spooky Tools of the Spooky Trade

Before we get to the patterns and fun costume ideas, you need to arm yourself with some tools and a heaping dose of Halloween holiday spirit. In other words, just when you think you’ve finally covered your home in enough cotton ball spiderwebs, you need to think again and add about a dozen more. Then, and only then, will you be ready to start this seasonal sewing journey.

To properly accomplish this task and have a successful Halloween, you will need:

  • A Sewing Machine – Sure, you can scrape by with any sewing machine, but if you’re not using a Brother Dream Machine, are you even really sewing at all? Okay, yes you are– but we still recommend the Brother Dream Machine. Really, we’re happy that you’re sewing, no matter what you use (it’s an awesome machine, though, trust us).
  • Fabric – You’re already all over this, we know. But what if you forgot? We’d never forgive ourselves.
  • Sewing Machine Accessories – Usually, we’d be talking about spools and thread. Since it’s nearly Halloween, however, we’re more concerned with accessories that favor fashion over function. Why not put bat wings or some vampire fangs on your sewing machine? Halloween only comes once a year, so you might as well make the most of it. In fact, if you do put bat wings on your sewing machine, take a photo and send it to us. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee in exchange for your hard work, at the very least.
  • Coffee – Speaking of coffee, you’ll probably need it. Most of us do. Rumor has it there’s even something called a “pumpkin spice latte,” which sounds very seasonal to us.
  • Treats – What’s Halloween without some sugary treats? Why do kids get to have all the fun? How did we eat that entire bag of fun size Snickers in one night? Some questions aren’t meant to be answered by mere humans.
  • Scary Movies – We recommend Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Witches, and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. If we watched anything scarier, we’d get distracted from our sewing projects. In case you personally want something a bit spookier, here are the best 60 scary movies on Netflix right now.

Now you’re basically prepared for any Halloween sewing project. If you want to put some dry ice in a cauldron and listen to one of those cheap Halloween sounds compilations, that might help, too. In fact, here are some spooky Halloween sounds for added ambience. Our treat.

Halloween Sewing Projects

If you haven’t already scoured Pinterest for your seasonal projects, we have some humble suggestions for you. Whether someone in your life really has their heart set on being a witch or a monster, we’ve got you covered.

Costumes for Kids

  • Penguin – This is supposed to be a penguin from Mary Poppins, but you could easily pretend it’s one of the Penguins of Madagascar, or even Opus from Bloom County, right?
  • Jedi – If you haven’t heard, a new Star Wars movie is coming out this year. Kids (and big kids) are going crazy for Star Wars again. This is a great and easy Jedi robe pattern for the aspiring space knight/wizard in your life.
  • Capes! – Capes make everything better. Dracula needs a cape. Superman needs a cape. Really, every costume is more fun with a cape. In fact, you can pair a cape with anything you find in your home and call it a costume.
  • Minion Hats – These little yellow things are everywhere anyway, so you might as well get it over with and help your kids complete their transformation into nonsensical yellow cartoon characters.
  • Disney Princess – The pattern is intended to represent Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but you could probably change the fabric colors and make all manner of Disney Princess costumes. Here’s a bonus Cinderella costume. What are you waiting for?
  • Ninja – This is a great ninja mask pattern, but don’t encourage your child to be too stealthy, or they’ll just steal all that Halloween candy you stole from them right back. And you’ll never even notice. Such is the way of the ninja.

Costumes for Adults:

  • Vampire – If you like your vampires to more closely resemble the cast of Interview with The Vampire than the classic Bela Lugosi movie, check out these patterns. They make for one very fancy vampire, indeed.
  • Mermaid – This is a great pattern, but we still wouldn’t recommend going swimming while wearing a mermaid tale. Stick to Halloween parties and trick or treating instead.
  • Tea Bag – We’re including this because it will just remind you how much you want to take a hot bath. Also, it’s a snapshot of the past. This costume tutorial was posted in 1997, so it’s worth a look just for its historical significance. And who doesn’t like wearing leaves they found on the ground, right?

Other fun ideas:

  • Halloween Treat Bag – This pattern calls for an old t-shirt. If you have an old concert t-shirt, especially one from an 80s hair band, you won’t even need to bother with an additional design.
  • Halloween Pillows – There are so many patterns here, so go nuts. We personally like the chandelier pattern because it’s both spooky and elegant.

Whether you choose any of these projects or not, we hope you take advantage of some seasonal sewing. Halloween presents us with tons of unique sewing opportunities, and it’s easy to get wrapped up (mummy joke intended) in making fun costumes and props.

If you find your old sewing machine just isn’t cutting it this Halloween, we’re offering an extra 10% trade in value you when you trade in your old sewing machine for a new one. Just a thought.

Regardless, have a fun and safe Halloween. And keep sewing, Boise and Eastern Idaho! Also, be sure to share your projects with us. We’d love to see what you come up with.


For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team