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Janome America Mission Statement

To design and build sewing machines and sergers for the home market that,
because of their superior ease-of-use, quality and reliability, give their users
the ability to make the most of their creativity.

To inspire users of Janome sewing machines and sergers with leading-edge
projects, education and customer support, thus stimulating them to participate
in the world of sewing more often, with more confidence, and with more enthusiasm.
To remember that when it comes to the consumer – everything matters. To reach
out to existing and new Janome consumers and secure their loyalty forever through
excellent customer service and support, understanding that this generation of
consumers will lead us to the next.

To be proactive and inventive with our consumers, anticipating their wants and
needs before they ask, securing growth, profitability and success through satisfaction.

To be recognized around the world as the leader not just in production, but also in
innovation. And to be seen as a creative advocate, promoting the benefits of a person’s
expression of creativity in general and the joy of sewing in particular.

To create a supportive internal atmosphere in which employees’ ideas are highly valued,
and to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance of individual employee contributions as
critical to the success of the company as a whole.

To work hand-in-hand with our dealers to supply the products and marketing support
that will help fulfill the missions above and give the dealers the ability to get more
Janome products into the hands of more people.


Jones Sew & Vac was started by the Jones Family more than 50 years ago. Since then, Leroy Jones has taken over…
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