It’s been a crazy two weeks here at Jones Sew and Vac. Even crazier than usual. We had a blast at two state fairs and hosted the legendary Hope Yoder, but somehow things never managed to slow down.
We can only blame one thing for all the continuing excitement around here: the Brother Persona PRS100 embroidery machine.

For people who love embroidery, it’s a total showstopper. It’s a single needle machine, and it only focuses on providing the best embroidery experience possible. Its tubular free arm configuration makes it insanely versatile, and modern technology means it can handle any embroidery project with grace and gusto.

We’ve never seen anything quite like the Brother Persona PRS100, and we’re still exploring all of its many possibilities.

We’ve only had this machine in our stores for two weeks, but what a two weeks it’s been.

Cool Features

The Brother Persona does so many amazing things we could probably write a book on its features and their uses. Once we’ve had it for more than a few weeks, we just might.

Fortunately, Brother already included their own book (of the instructional variety) with the machine, so we’ve been learning quickly.

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Tubular Free Arm Configuration – This thing is incredible. It makes embroidering caps, sleeves, bags, and pockets a breeze. It basically eliminates “hard to reach” places and fabric tangles, all at once. There’s nowhere this machine can’t go.
  • Small Footprint – The Persona PRS100 boasts an 18-inch wide footprint, which is less than most standard flatbed embroidery machines. It can fit into your crafting or workspace easily– it does better work and takes up less space. It’s 30% smaller than conventional machines.
  • Unique Frames – Persona includes a new generation of Compact Mini Frames. These frames are completely unique to Persona, and they work wonders on children’s garments, pockets, caps, and other small items.
  • 4-Spool Thread Stand – The Persona conveniently holds four different spools of thread, which means your next color is always available and within reach.
  • LCD Display – Persona’s 7” LCD screen is a wonder to behold. It displays tutorials, controls the machine, and integrates classic embroidery with high-tech magic. Better yet, it displays 250,000 colors with virtually zero on-screen color shifting. It has to be seen in person.
  • Threading System – An advanced needle threading system means the Persona threads the needle in mere seconds with just the press of a button. It’s one of the easiest threading systems we’ve ever seen.
  • USB Ports – The Persona features two built-in USB ports, which allow you to import and export designs with ease. It can also connect to your computer, which makes software updates a piece of cake.
  • Droplight™ LED Embroidery – This feature stands out from an already-impressive set of elements. The Persona’s LED pointer stamps out the recurring nightmare of trying to guess exactly where your needle will drop. It makes a once-stressful fact of life for embroidery into something fun, predictable and intuitive. Watch it in action with the video below:


  • Bobbin Features – The Brother Persona PRS100 gives you access to a side bobbin winding system, which allows you to wind a new bobbin while the machine is embroidering. You can also make use of the machine’s vertical bobbin at any time, without removing the hoop.
  • Easy Thread Color Changes – The super easy threading system lets you tie the next color thread to your existing one and pull all the way through to the needle. It’s the culmination of the four-spool thread stand and the machine’s advanced threading system, and it’s great at keeping thread tails out of the way. Watch it in action below:


  • Enhanced Editing Features – The Persona features multiple-line text input and alignment, so you can easily embroider multiple line phrases, poems, and announcements. It also allows you to justify text to the right, left, or center with ease. It’s like a word processor in embroidery machine form!

There are even more features we haven’t listed here. You can get a full rundown on Brother International’s website, or you can visit any of our three locations to see it in person.

Good for Any Serious Embroiderer

Needless to say, the Brother Persona PRS100 is an impressive machine, but is it the right fit for you?

If you’re a hardcore home hobbyist, the Persona is perfect for your needs. It’s a versatile, user-friendly machine jam packed full of state-of-the-art features. Your projects will soar along like never before, and it will be easy to inject that little touch of ‘magic’ into every design.

If you’re considering making the transition between hobbyist and professional, the Persona is also a great choice. The Persona is perfect for a home embroidery business and, with your talent behind it,  it can produce beautiful, professional products with ease. If you make a living, or hope to make a living, from embroidery, this machine is a dream come true.

With this long list of impressive features, you can see why the Brother Persona PRS100 is still keeping us busy. We’ve never seen anything quite like it, especially from a single needle machine. If you’re looking for an upgrade, we encourage you to come by one of our locations and check it out.

For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team