St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us! To celebrate the day in high style, we have our favorite green goodies of 2015. From wreaths to quilts, there is something here for everyone!

 jones sew and vac fabric scrap wreath

The Magic of Ordinary Things

St. Patty’s Day Rag Wreath

Remember our recent blog post on Fabric Scraps? Here is one more way to use up those scraps! (More specifically, the green and blue ones!) Create a St. Patrick’s day wreath for your front door to welcome loved ones and visitors into your home.

Materials needed:

  • wire hanger
  • pliers
  • duct tape
  • rotary cutter
  • 1-inch X 6-inch strips of fabric (approx. 150 or so)


  1. Using pliers, unravel the wire hanger and reform it into a circle, roughly 12-inches in diameter.
  2. Close the circle off using duct tape.
  3. With about 15 or so fabric patterns, cut 1-inch X 6-inch strips.
  4. Tie the strips onto the wire in the order of your choice!

Viola! That’s it! Watch your wreath come to life, fabric scrap by fabric scrap. The Magic of Ordinary Things outlines the process in greater detail, if you’re hoping for more direction.

Last, hang the finished product on an entry door and welcome guests and loved ones in!

 jones sew and vac split pea wreath

Love of Family and Home

Split Pea Wreath

We are equally in love with the wreath made out of split peas. Do it yourself by following the step-by-step on the Love of Family and Home blog.

This wreath is cheap, quick, easy, and elegant!

St. Patrick’s Day Quilts

 jones sew and vac clover quilt

Quilt Inspirations

 jones sew and vac fabric scrap quilt

Red Pepper Quilts

While we love the quilts above, we found limitless patterns for St. Patrick’s day, online. Perhaps our favorite resource is a video tutorial, Fun St. Patrick’s Day Quilting Projects. This online tutorial is practical, fun, and shamrock-stocked!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

With so many options and opportunities to celebrate the holiday, it can be hard to know where to start! Enjoy the projects above, and let Jones Sew and Vac know how they turned out!

 Spend the day pinch-free by being surrounding by green goodness!

 For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team