Riccar Upright Vacuum

Is your home clean, or does it merely look clean?

Changes in lighting might reveal just how dirty the surfaces in our home really are. What may have looked clean in the morning may be unveiled as soiled in the light of the evening. This problem is amplified when we clean our floors. We often find that homeowners think their vacuum is doing a good job simply because they can’t see what is trapped in the fibers due to poor lighting. Close inspection or running your hands through the carpet may reveal a different story.

Often times, the lighting inside our home isn’t ideal, nor is it meant to adequately light the flooring surfaces of each room. Some vacuum manufacturers have addressed this very problem with lighting inherent in their design, which until now usually only consisted of a little 25 watt incandescent bulb.

The Ultimate Upright

After my initial test run with the new Riccar Premium Radiance vacuum, it occurred to me that the LED array was probably added later in the design phase, when the engineers really wanted everyone to see how well this model works. Maybe you just think your old vacuum is picking up that dirt and dog hair, when in fact, you just have trouble seeing it from far away.

In addition to that, this Rolls Royce of vacuums comes standard with a legitimate dirt sensor with a shining amber light that indicates where deeply embedded dirt is in the carpet.  Most vacuums have a loud motor that tends to be better at either floor suction or tool suction. Riccar uses an innovative, tandem two-motor design that creates better suction for all of your flooring surfaces.

This particular vacuum is especially good at picking up allergens and pet hair. The air is run through a completely sealed system and a HEPA filter that can trap allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, keeping them out of the air we’re breathing. This unit filters better than just about anything on the market.

One issue people have battled with using an upright vacuum is the ability to maneuver under or around furniture. The Radiance’s sleek profile helps it move with a graceful precision akin to a ballet dancer, as it easily limbos into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

This Could be the Last Vacuum You Ever Buy

I always expect a good product from Riccar. After all, we aren’t talking about cheap vacuums you find a red-tag special on at your general store. A Riccar vacuum is for those who want a quality product that is efficient, ergonomic, and does the job right, with no compromises.

Even by those standards, this model is probably the best in its class. It boasts a stainless steel bottom plate and an aluminum brush roll (cheap vacuums use plastic,) resulting in fantastic durability. The Premium Radiance, in our expert opinion, is significantly better than most other vacuums.


For the love of vacuums!

Jones Sew & Vac Team