Riccar Upright Vacuum

One of our favorite features of the amazing Riccar Vacuums, whether you invest in an upright or a canister, is that they are all made right here in the USA. As a Boise-based, locally grown and owned business, all of us at Jones Sew and Vac take great pride in this fact alone.

 Add to that though the delight of seeing someone’s amazement when we demonstrate the amazing power of a Riccar upright vacuum. One demo is all it takes to turn that skeptic into a believer.

Once you go Riccar, you’ll never go back.

Kids Are Messy

We all know the constant struggle of cleaning up after our children or grandchildren. No matter how much we love them, I think we can all just agree at this point, they are MESSY!

From leaving toys all over the floor to dropping crumbs to tracking the outdoors in, kids are hard on your floors. Luckily Riccar takes all of that into account for you when making their ultra powerful upright vacuums.

Do You Have Allergies?

 And sometimes our messy children are not children at all. Sometimes it is the pets we love so much that can not help but leave their hair everywhere. Or track a little more of the outdoors in than the other kids did.

 While we are on the subject of those pets we love so much, let’s also talk about allergies. Reducing allergens in your home starts with your carpet.

 Riccar’s Radiance and Premium Radiance Upright vacuums have an amazing technology exclusive to them.

Each vacuum in the Radiance line is equipped with a Tandem Air System. The Tandem Air System is designed to have 2 different motors used in succession, providing the best carpet cleaning you have ever seen!

The Radiance models in addition to the Premium Brilliance model also feature a sealed HEPA filtration system. The charcoal filter traps odors while the S-Class HEPA filter traps irritants like pet dander and pollen.

No matter what model of Riccar you buy you really can’t go wrong. I have been selling this vacuum for a long time and I have to say, I have never had another product I’ve sold that I have had more positive feedback on.


For the love of a clean home!
The Jones Sew & Vac Team