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Normally, I’d say the best place to find a new vacuum or sewing machine would be at a Jones Sew & Vac store in Idaho. This week, however, you’ll find the greatest deals possible at our booth at the Eastern Idaho State Fair!

We love the Eastern Idaho State Fair. It’s always packed with amazing food, performances, and entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s all done Idaho-style, wholesome and family-friendly, with more than 200,000 visitors feasting on the fun.

History of the Eastern Idaho State Fair

Eastern Idaho State fair patrons

What is now an action-packed 9 days of rides, concerts, and A-list entertainers began as a simple livestock show back in 1902. Agriculture was an even bigger part of life then than it is now, and cattlemen decided to show off their livestock with a show in Blackfoot, dubbed the “Southeastern Idaho Fair”.

Back then, it was just a few farm animals and some floral arrangements, but it went over really well. Before the days of iPads and XBoxes, a good cattle show might be the most exciting event of the year!

Within a few years, the Southeastern Idaho Fair was able to bring in a merry-go-round, powered by a steam engine. That must have been the trick, as a few years later Teddy Roosevelt arrived at the fair via train, stopping to make a campaign speech to the community.

The first World War saw everyone making cutbacks, which means the fair went on a hiatus until 1920, when county leaders purchased land and reopened the fair. They saw an opportunity to make a bigger, better fair than ever before!

By 1939, 12 counties had joined in, making it the biggest multi-county fair in Idaho.


[ To this day, it is Idaho’s only multi-county fair, with 16 pooling their resources to make one heck of a show. ]


It was at this point that we were big enough to be competition for other states. In an attempt to take some of Idaho’s market share, the Utah State Fair was held over the same dates as the Southeastern Idaho Fair.

Not only did Idaho not give in, we doubled down, changing the name of the event to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. New attractions, arts and crafts, and contests were added to bring in more people. After refusing to budge and not altering our fair dates, more than 40,000 visited the Eastern Idaho State Fair (chew on that, Utah State Fair!)

Another World War meant that the country faced lean times, so once again the event was put on hiatus until peace was achieved. No worries, though. By 1948, new attractions such as acrobats, horse races, and carnivals brought visitors in by the tens of thousands, and we faced new problems such as “where are we going to put all of these people?”

After a couple decades of steady growth, the fairgrounds received a major overhaul. New buildings were added for arts and crafts, 4-H, and livestock, as well as a permanent stage for musical performers. Each year was now produced under a central theme, and the fan-favorite Demolition Derby became the signature closing event.

Since the 90’s, the Eastern Idaho State Fair has included modern carnival rides and booths. This part of the fair has been brought to us from Butler Amusements for the last 25 years, and they have done a great job at keeping fair-goers safe while still having fun.

The Eastern Idaho State Fair is the longest running event event on this side of the state. Last year the fair set an attendance record with a staggering 230,000 visitors, and we are sure to beat it this year.

Idaho’s Blue Ribbon Sewing Machine & Vacuum Dealer

Jones Sew & Vac at Eastern Idaho Fair

We love getting out to the fair to spend some time with our neighbors. Not only can you find some great quilts and other projects on display for the fair, but we’d also love to let you to take the sewing or embroidery machine of your dreams on a test drive. Fair attendees receive special pricing you won’t find anywhere else!


For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team