Sewing machine maintenance

Everything important in your life requires regular maintenance. Your car, your house, your relationships– even your pets and your kids. When your cat gets sick, you take her to the vet. When your kid is sad because of something that happened at school, you talk it out with her and see those feelings through. Cars need oil changes and houses need regular cleaning. If we don’t take care of the people, animals, and things in our life, they start to deteriorate.

The same goes for your sewing machine and your vacuum cleaner. The people who work in our sewing repair and vacuum repair departments know how important your machines are to you. They also know how often people tend to let simple maintenance fall by the wayside.

You never want your vacuum cleaner to fail right before a big dinner party, or especially right before your in-laws come over. Similarly, you don’t want your sewing machine to break down when you’re completing a big embroidery commission, or even just a gift project.

Your sewing machine and vacuum require a little bit of TLC, and they’re totally worth it. You can do some basic maintenance and repair at home, but your machines need just a little bit of kindness, provided by the experts, every now and again, too.

Home Maintenance

You can care for your sewing machine and vacuum cleaner from the comfort of your own home. Regular maintenance is great for any machine you use regularly. That being said, both high-end machines and machines that are… well loved, still need an expert’s touch every now and again.

When it comes to your sewing machine, there are a few things you can do regularly to ensure peak performance.

All sewing machines need cleaning, and some need oiling, too. Plenty of great machines on the market are self-lubricating, however, so make sure to check your owner’s manual.

Also, you can void the warranty on some sewing machines just by opening them up. Always consult your manual.

If you know your sewing machine needs regular oiling, you can consult this handy guide on cleaning and oiling sewing machines. For the visual learners among you, this YouTube video is a pretty good resource:

A few more tips:

  • Don’t use canned air to clean your sewing machine – the cold moisture can cause damage quickly
  • Similarly, avoid blowing on the machine to clear dust – your breath holds cold moisture, too
  • Don’t oil the machine if the manual tells you not to – seriously, it’s worth repeating

Now, for your vacuum cleaner.

You can replace your own air filters easily enough, and replacing belts is usually easy, as well. Many vacuum cleaner models also make it easy for you to replace bearings. You’ll need to get the parts anyway, so just come in to any of our three locations and we’ll point you in the right direction.

This guide does a good job talking about belts, bearings, and filters. A few months ago, we also composed a detailed post about how to diagnose and fix many common vacuum cleaner ailments. If you’re having vacuum cleaner problems, start there.

Consult an Expert

When it comes to sewing repair and vacuum repair, you’ll often need an expert’s touch. Even if your machine just needs a little bit of kindness, we can help you. Regular machine services are efficient and affordable, and our technicians and staff will always treat you right.

We have eight certified sewing and vacuum machine technicians on staff, which means we can provide you with an expert tune-up or serious repairs in no time. They can clean, fix, and maintain just about anything. For them, fine tuning a needle assembly is like a day at the beach.

We believe our service and repair support are what really separates us from a big box store. Chat with any of our technicians and you’ll see the difference.

Regular professional tune-ups and maintenance provide:

  • Prolonged life expectancy for your machines
  • Protection of your investments
  • Machines retain resale value
  • Prevent big, costly breakdowns

Think about your car again, or even think about the road you drive on. Just because you’re driving a new car on a new road, that doesn’t mean either one will perform perfectly forever. Anything that’s used every day undergoes normal wear and tear. It’s just expected. Cars and roads require regular maintenance from dedicated professionals, and so do your sewing and vacuum machines.

Don’t leave your machines hanging out to dry from neglect. If you do your own light maintenance work at home and have them professionally serviced on a regular basis, they’ll serve you for years to come.

All the most important things in life are worth maintaining, and they’re always worth the time and effort.  

For the love of Embroidery and Vacuums!

Jones Sew & Vac Team