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With Snowmageddon behind us and warm weather only weeks away, I thought it was time to begin preparations for spring cleaning. After taking stock of the situation, I realized just how many grimy spots there are in my home that don’t get cleaned frequently enough.

Are you looking around and asking yourself, “How did it get this bad?” We’ve all been there.

If you’re ready to glove up and fight the grime, dirt, and dust bunnies that are invading your home, this is the place to start.

Spring Cleaning: The Most Troublesome Areas in Your Home

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The Ceiling Fan

The top of the fan is what I refer to as a cleaning “dead zone.” As it’s hard to reach, the ceiling fan is rarely cleaned in most homes. I don’t know how all that dirt and grime gets up there, but that’s as good a place to start as any.

The blades of your fan are surprisingly difficult to clean, but here’s the best strategy. First, use the dust brush attachment of your vacuum for a quick once-over. Follow up by using a pillowcase to clean the surface of the blades. It will fit the blade nicely and keep the room (and you) from being showered in dust. Give the inside of the pillowcase a good spray with a water and vinegar solution before you get started.

Gunk on walls easily escapes notice. Some areas might be just fine, but the walls around entryways and in the kitchen are certain to need attention. To protect the paint, use a cellulose sponge and a gentle cleaning solution. You might have to use a solvent-free degreaser for the walls in the kitchen.

Follow up with plain water and a clean sponge to rinse. If you skip this step, you will leave soapy residue on the wall that is a magnet for dirt and grime.

Pro tip: I also recommend wearing gloves, simply because water will drip down your arms when you reach above your head.

No one is ever going to come into your house and compliment you on your clean baseboards, but they are a good litmus test for the overall cleanliness of a home. The simplest method for taking care of your baseboards is to use a small vacuum attachment with a brush.

If the grime has accumulated to a point that dusting is not sufficient, follow up by washing the baseboards with Magic Erasers and warm, soapy water.

Hands get dirty pretty frequently, and on our way to cleaning them we manage to touch every door in the house. A damp cloth and multipurpose spray cleaner should be sufficient. Be sure to get the door knobs, the jams, and the hinges. Seriously, they can get filthy.

Light Switches
Ah, the other thing we are bound to touch with dirty hands (see above)! Those near the garage and in bathrooms will likely need special attention.

Showers are supposed to help you get clean, but the average showerhead looks like it’s been sitting in the muddy banks of the Mississippi for three months. While these generally screw off, the plumber likely used special thread tape to prevent leaks, so I wouldn’t advise removing them.

Instead, fill a plastic freezer bag with vinegar and tie or tape it around the showerhead. Let that soak for at least half an hour and you can then wipe it clean.

Range Hood
If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned the range hood, you likely have a pretty special ecosystem developing under there. Don’t worry; with a little work, we can make it good as new.

You’ll need to turn the unit off before cleaning, so consider bringing in extra light to properly see what you’re doing. Before anything else, pull the filter. Your filter may be washable, but first you’ll have to remove the grease. Place it on a cookie sheet and then soak it in your degreaser of choice. You can then clean it with warm, soapy water.

As to the hood, you’ll need a potent degreaser and rags/sponges you are prepared to throw away. This will likely be a very messy job if you’ve fallen behind on your range cleaning. After using the degreaser to get the grease off, wipe the hood down with a clean rag and warm water. This will remove the residue from the cleaning agent and prevent streaks.

Kitchen Cabinets
Welcome to the danger zone! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to clean the inside of your cabinets, or the doors that likely have a few smudges here and there. However, when was the last time you cleaned on top of your cabinets?

If I can’t see it, then it must be clean, right? You should, of course, use care when cleaning up high. Begin with an attachment on the hose of your vacuum to suck up all the dust and cobwebs that are likely hiding up there.

While that might be sufficient, you might also find that, by some unholy magic, grease has accumulated on the walls above the cabinets! Use a solvent-free degreaser for painted surfaces and a white vinegar solution for unfinished wood.

While we’re at it…

man replacing smoke detector batteries
Since we’re already checking things off of the list, we should handle a few other tasks that need to be done on the regular.
– Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.
– Replace the air filters in your home.
– Service your vacuum cleaner.
It can be frustrating to clean your home with a vacuum that’s on its last legs. The experts at Jones can bring your old vacuum cleaner back to life. You can even test yours against other models right in our store!

For the love of vacuums!
Jones Sew & Vac Team