Have you ever wondered who makes the Super Bowl Trophy? Turns out, for the last 38 years it has been the same man, Gero Grohs, Master Silversmith for Tiffany and Company.

Perhaps even more curious is that Grohs happens to be the father of a well-known Pennsylvania quilter, Linda M. Poole! Crazy, right?!

Jones Sew and Vac Super Bowl Trophy

Image credit: Linda M. Poole – the Magic of Applique

Vince Lombardi

The trophy itself is named after legendary head coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. Lombardi was one of the most famous head coaches in the history of American Football. During his nine years as their coach, the Packers took five NFL championships.

In memory of her father (June 2, 1929 – December 20, 2014), Linda Poole, owner of The Magic of Applique, recently shared a few personal photos of her father and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Jones Sew and Vac Super bowl trophy

Image credit: Linda M. Poole – the Magic of Applique

Jones Sew and Vac Super Bowl Trophy3

Image credit: Linda M. Poole – the Magic of Applique

Linda M. Poole, daughter of Tiffany and Co. beloved silversmith, is a published author, quilting instructor, lecturer, and fabric designer and she leads art workshops all over the country!

Turns out the Super Bowl offers us quilters more than just some quiet time to create while everyone else is watching the game. It is a time to celebrate the life of Gero Grohs…and celebrate some new-found quilting inspiration courtesy of his daughter, Linda.

Regardless of team preferences, this little discovery gives us a good reason to cheer.

For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team