man unhappy with present

Are you having trouble finding a gift for him?

I think that, in general, men are pretty easy to shop for. Aim for something practical and you’re probably on the right track. But just like women constantly receiving bath oils, candles, and perfume, men often receive gifts that, while well-intentioned, don’t quite hit what the giver was aiming for.

If you’re going to get someone a gift, it should be something that has meaning, rather than being something random from As Seen on TV.

Oh, you shouldn’t have! No really; you shouldn’t have.

Some people might be tough to shop for. If you’re considering one of the items below for a man in your life, you might want to look into something different. For the right guy, these items can work out great. Most of the time, however, men receive these gifts because someone had no idea what to give them and your gift will likely end up in a junk drawer.

#1 Ties
I have dozens of ties, only a handful of which I ever wear. Most men don’t frequently wear a tie, and those that do usually have carefully selected ties to fit the desired wardrobe. The majority of the time, ties are going to sit in a closet for ages, especially the infamous “dad” tie.

What you should give him instead — Take a look at the Gentlemen’s Hardware Credit Card Tool. Practical, portable, and cool.

#2. Random gadgets
This is an area where someone has the right idea, but it’s easy to miss the mark. The right tool, the right thing that requires power and comes with a warning label, those can be great. But unless you know his needs well enough to know about that chainsaw he’s had his eye on for months, you could end up just contributing to the clutter in the hallway closet.

What you should give him instead — If you don’t know his favorite brand of chainsaw or power drill, you would be surprised how well you can get his eternal gratitude with some paracord and an instruction manual. Seriously.

#3 Sports stuff
The problem with being an avid sports fan is that it can pigeon-hole you for life.

After rooting for one side in a college football game (just so they would beat my team’s rival), I have received trinkets, mugs, and t-shirts for years from family members with that blasted logo on them. Each time, it only reinforces the image of me being a die-hard fan as I collect swag for a team I don’t even particularly like.

What you should give him instead — An innovative flashlight. Guys love flashlights, and the more bells and whistles on it, the better.

#4 Watch
Let me be clear — a watch isn’t a bad gift. However, it’s easy to go wrong here for two reasons.

The first, nowadays a watch is as much a fashion accessory as anything else, so fewer men are wearing watches than years ago. Second, the man who is likely to wear a watch already has one. A watch is for someone who wants a watch and could use a replacement or an upgrade. If your recipient doesn’t fall into that category, consider a different idea.

What you should give him instead — A new Gerber. Most guys are making due with what they have, so an upgrade into a quality multi-tool is usually a great idea.

#5 Grooming kit
Grooming gift boxes (lining the aisles of all the big box stores) are another area that fall into the so close but not quite category.

Most men have fallen into very specific habits regarding things like their preferred shaving gear, so unless you have it from the source that he desires a specific thing (such as a silvertip badger brush), skip the hygiene section for something more likely to make an impact. Just as you ladies probably have lots of odd bath products or perfume laying around, most of us have enough aftershave and generic colognes to last through Armageddon.

What you should consider giving him instead — A flash drive for his keyring.

#6 Gag Gifts
Rather than a Big Mouth Billy Bass or a Batman Snuggie, you could go with just about anything else. While these gifts might be a source of momentary amusement, it’s probably better to go a different direction.

What you should give him instead — If you’re looking for something to distract him, then keep him busy with an advanced model LEGO kit.

#7 Clothes
Do I hang onto that Christmas-themed sweater until next year, or do I just throw it out now?

Most clothing items are going to be a tough sell unless you know the man you’re shopping for very well. I wore my last pair of slippers until both had 2 inch holes in the heels. While I did receive those as a gift, between the time that I first wore them and then replaced them myself, I received three other pairs. The replacements were just not as comfortable as what I had.

What you should give him instead — A knife. Guys generally love sharp stuff, but the right knife can be a very effective tool. Find the right knife for the job here.

#8 Novelty gifts related to a hobby
It can be tough to have just a little bit of knowledge. You might know that your uncle is into golf, but not enough to know what golf-related thing in his life he needs but doesn’t have already. In this scenario (much like with sports teams), we can end up with needless heaps of hobby-themed trinkets.

What you should give him instead — A special edition book, preferably signed. Even in the event they already have said book, they’ll appreciate a special edition.

#9 Stuffed animals
What are we supposed to do with a stuffed animal? The bigger the stuffed animal, the worse it gets.

What you should give him instead — A miniature drone that will provide a great source of entertainment.

#10 Wallet
Wallets are another one of those things that the well-intentioned give to men. The issue is that a good leather wallet will last for years and every year we get at least one. Unless you know he’s looking for something new in his life, focus your efforts elsewhere.

What you should give him instead — A Flying Model Rocket Kit.

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