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When you operate a vacuum store, you see your share of vacuum accessories. They’re all functional, and they do a good job at their given purpose. But sometimes it’s hard to feel truly excited about them.

They do their job and we like them for that, but we don’t think about them too much.

But there are some vacuum accessories that are just so impressive we actually do get excited.

These vacuum accessories have made such a positive impact on our lives that we want to sing their praises from the highest rooftop.

Since we can’t remember where we put our ladder, we’ll just have to write a blog post about them instead.

Fur Get It Pet Hair Remover Tool

Our pets are a source of endless joy, friendship, and companionship.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like they’re an endless source of fur, too.

Have you ever had to tell company not to sit on that couch because it’s where the dog or cat likes to sit? Or have you ever had to hurriedly vacuum an entire room right before company comes over because somehow the dog or cat shed even more since you vacuumed that morning?

With Riccar’s Fur Get It, you truly have an effective weapon to fight the war on pet hair.

From their site:

“Fur Get It easily attaches to your Riccar vacuum wand to clean pet hair from your home furnishings, flooring and upholstery. Its rubber squeegee and patented felt cylinder lift pet hair, making it simple to whisk away with your vacuum. Best of all, Fur Get It automatically cleans itself.”

If you love having a clean home nearly as much as you love your four legged family members, this tool will change your life for the better.

It works incredibly well, and it makes what was once an impossible task into something quick and easy.

Vacuum Turbo Tool

Have you ever wished your vacuum was a little bit more like a muscle car from a 70s or 80s action movie?

Well then, we have some great news for you.

Most vacuum manufacturers make a turbo tool for their vacuum cleaners. These turbo tools super-charge your vacuum, and make it more efficient with a turbine that adds more suction.

Everytime you turn your vacuum cleaner on, you’ll feel like you’re in the car chase of a lifetime.

Oh, and it will suck up even more dirt and debris more efficiently, too. Which is also important.

Extended Crevice Tool

Vacuuming and cleaning in those hard to reach places, pardon the pun, often sucks.

But there’s a solution.

We carry crevice tools for most vacuum cleaner models that can get into those hard to reach places, like the space underneath your oven or fridge. Or between cabinets. Or wherever your heart desires.

These tools are dazzling, because they mean you can actually clean your entire home without moving heavy appliances around.

If that one little strip of dust or dirt you can never quite get clean keeps you up at night, invest in a crevice tool. They’re inexpensive little lifesavers.

Riccar Carpet Cleaner

Finally, if you’re really looking for an accessory to compliment your high-end vacuum cleaner, there’s the Riccar Carpet Keeper.

From the website:

“For dry carpet cleaning of large rooms or heavy-traffic areas, the Carpet Keeper is a must-have. This electric machine features counter rotating brushrolls that blend in Riccar dry carpet cleaner, virtually eliminating hand scrubbing. With the Carpet Keeper, revealing your carpet and rugs’ beauty is simple and easy.”

It’s essentially a dry cleaning tool for your carpets. If you’d like to try it out, we offer rentals so you can take it home and experience the magic before you commit to buying.


We keep all kinds of vacuum accessories at our vacuum store, from the mundane to the magical. If you feel like you’re missing out on an extra-clean home, stop by and pay us a visit.

Want to see one of these accessories in action? Contact us today to schedule a FREE demo!

For the love of vacuums!

Jones Sew & Vac Team