Here in Boise, the winter has been long. Even with the sun shining brightly outside, it is still cold! In an effort to embrace the season upon us, we celebrate winter with a blog post related to all things cozy and quilted.

Is it a Sweater or a Quilt? Hard to Say.

Did you know that an estimated 700,000 tons of fabric, each year, end up in landfills?! Recycle and repurpose that fabric instead of throwing it away!

By far, our most favorite quilting project is this fabulous old sweater quilt. Use recycled sweaters from home to create a warm and comfortable quilt.

 jones sew and vac sweater quilt Hubpages | hsschulte

Here’s how to create the cozy goodness.


  1. Cut the old sweater(s) into squares.
  2. Stitch the squares together using a sewing machine.
  3. Find a soft, durable fabric for the backing on sweater squares.
  4. Sew sweater squares and fabric together.
  5. Hand stitch around the edge of the quilt for the finished look.

If the above isn’t enticing, consider donating your clothing items to people in need, perhaps by taking items to Goodwill or the Idaho Youth Ranch. Find out more about how to use or reuse old clothes online at Hubpages.

Cozy Flannel Quilt

This cozy, flannel quilt is rocking our world. Not only is it colorful and full of life, it’s practical and versatile. While the pattern might look complicated, it really couldn’t be any easier.

 jones sew and vac flannel quilt All People Quilt

Download the free pattern HERE!

Minky Rag Quilt

Last, but certainly not least, is the Minky Rag Quilt. This quilt is so comfortable, cuddly, and warm!

This is the perfect gift for a baby shower, bride-to-be, or for yourself! Check out the creation tutorial at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

 jones sew and vac minky rag quilt Mia Dolce Originals 

Quilt for Comfort!

Endure the winter with enjoyment and warmth!

Customize the above patterns with your own fabrics and style. These cozy quilts are the gifts that keep on giving…winter, after winter, after winter! If you are looking for tips to making quilting easier, check out our “11 Low-Tech Life Hacks to Sharpen Your Sewing Game.”

For the love of Embroidery!

Jones Sew & Vac Team