When you run a sewing store, you see all sorts of things around the holiday season. Usually, you see happy seamstresses and quilters drop in to pick up materials for their amazing winter projects. Sometimes, though, you see the harsh realities of winter.

You’ve never seen panic until you’ve seen the panicked look on someone’s face when their sewing machine has stopped working on December 23rd and she still has three pairs of mittens and a baby blanket to sew before Christmas. Or when someone’s vacuum cleaner stops working the day before their big Christmas Eve party and 400+ guests are due to arrive!

Think about how you’re going to prepare for the next few months. Winter is nearly here, and that means two things:

  • It means you’ll spend more time inside, working on your winter projects, of which you probably have many.
  • It also means more people, animals, and possibly Christmas Elves are going to track dirt and grime into your home. Because we can’t have nice things, dirt and mud always come along with the pure, white snow.

You might say winter also brings along the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas lights, the spirit of giving, and Hallmark Channel movies. Winter might involve some of those things, but let’s focus back on the matter at hand– the important issues.

As you plow through your fun winter projects and fight against nature to keep your house livable, you’ll need both a working sewing machine and a functioning vacuum cleaner.

Showing Kindness to Your Sewing Machine

You have projects to finish and things to do, so you want to make sure your sewing machine stays in working order, all winter long. As you put in the hard work and get absorbed in your various creations, you want to make sure your sewing machine doesn’t break down–a broken sewing machine really takes you out of “the zone.”

The solution to these problems? A simple tune-up. You can bring your sewing machine into any of our three locations, and we’ll take a look at it. We’re so quick at performing tune-ups that you’d almost think we do this for a living. We’ll have you in and out in no time.

So, when should you bring your machine in for that tune-up? We’d recommend you do it soon. As we draw closer to the holidays, our stores get busier. More people need tune-ups and repairs, and sometimes we can’t get to you as soon as we’d like. If you bring it in before the rush, your tune-up will be quick and painless.

Also, make sure you have all your supplies in order during your next visit. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re out of green thread on a ten degree day, or when you can’t drive because the roads are so icy.

We want your sewing projects to succeed, despite Murphy’s Law and the cold weather. Don’t worry, though– we make it pretty easy.

Tuning-Up Your Vacuum

All that beautiful snow and those gleaming icicles eventually turn into water, which mixes with dirt to make what we like to call “gunk from outside.” This gunk will affect your floors and carpets, no matter how hard you try to keep it out. In the never ending battle against “gunk from outside,” our vacuum cleaners remain our most vigilant protectors and most loyal friends.

Until they stop working properly because they need a tune-up.

Just as we get busy with sewing machine tune-ups and repairs as the winter wears on, we also get busy with vacuum cleaner repairs. Vacuum cleaners, much like every other appliance, spouse, child, cat, dog, and barista who won’t accept your free coffee punch card, become obstinate right when we need them the most. This cannot be avoided.

Thankfully, you can bring your vacuum cleaner into us for a tune-up. We’ll get it sorted out in no time. The earlier, the better.

You can also care for your own vacuum:

  • Regularly change or empty bags and canisters
  • Regularly replace filters
  • Regularly check and clean your brush roll
  • Regularly check your hose and your vacuum’s height setting to make sure you’re sucking correctly

If your vacuum cleaner stops working properly and you’re dead set on fixing it yourself, we put together this handy guide.

You’ll increase the chances your vacuum cleaner won’t break at all, though, if you just bring it in for a quick tune-up.

Whether you realize it or not, your sewing machine and your vacuum cleaner are very important during the holidays. These unsung heroes help keep your home clean and help you craft unforgettable winter projects. Don’t be caught off-guard when they stop working properly– a simple tune-up will help them (and you) power through another wonderful holiday season.

Avoid the last-minute panic. Give us a call at any of our three locations today and schedule a tune-up.


For The Love of Embroidery

Jones Sew & Vac Team